Hiway Environmental is the New Zealand industry leader in site-specific solutions for remediation and treatment of contaminated sites. By efficiently managing and reusing natural materials, we help customers achieve significant time and cost savings onsite.

Over the years, Hiway Environmental has been involved in some of New Zealand’s most challenging and sensitive ground improvement projects. Our specialist services include remediation of contaminated soil, treatment of materials prior to landfill disposal, geotechnical works, stabilisation, and soil recycling.

Our commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources includes the introduction into New Zealand of the world’s first low-wind Eolgreen sustainable street lighting using both wind and solar power generation. An impressive mix of innovation and technical expertise, this hybrid streetlight is the perfect complement to Hiway Environmental’s approach to sustainability and the use of natural resources.


With state-of-the-art technology and a team of designers, engineers and contractors, we can provide innovative and environmentally sound solutions.

Talk to Hiway Environmental about:

Stabilisation and solidification.
Contaminated soils and water encapsulation.
Soil recycling.
Contaminated site remediation.
Recycled concrete crushing.
Materials recycling.
Permeable reactive barriers and containment.
Sustainable street lighting.

Specialist environmental contracting solutions that improve, reuse and conserve New Zealand’s natural resources.


Hiway Environmental utilises the latest technology to provide cost effective solutions for customers. Using world-class equipment like the Reterra soil recycler, we provide improved ways to manage ground improvement projects.

Our strict conformance to regulations and engineering criteria has seen our contamination remediation expertise called on to tackle New Zealand’s largest contaminated site remediation at Tui Mine, as well as the removal of contaminated sludge from Auckland Domain. Hiway Environmental’s soil remediation and soil recycling solutions have been used by the Christchurch rebuild to provide stable foundations for construction.

As suppliers of sustainable street lighting solutions, Hiway Environmental has built upon a passion for recycling and the utilisation and reuse of natural resources and materials. Eolgreen sustainable street lighting is truly unique because it harnesses both wind and solar energy to provide autonomous lighting with a zero carbon footprint and surplus energy for other uses.

Design & Project Management Services

In the specialist field of soil remediation and recycling, Hiway Environmental delivers both the expertise and the specialist equipment to solve a wide range of soil issues and remediation challenges. Our in house design team tailors a site-specific solution based on soil conditions and usage requirements.

The project team delivers the highest possible outcome based on years of experience and computer controlled equipment.