Contamination Remediation

Hiway Environmental has delivered some of New Zealand’s largest and most challenging contamination remediation projects. Our track record includes the remediation of 120,000cu m of contaminated mine tailings from the Tui Mine – New Zealand’s largest contaminated site.

We offer stabilisation and solidification methods to treat and remediate a wide range of environmental issues. Our expertise covers hydrocarbon, heavy metals and chemical contaminants.

Remediating contaminated soil by mixing binders with contaminated materials results in a product that has less impact on the surrounding environment. The solidification and stabilisation methods we use also mean soil can be reused as engineered fill. Solidification binds the contaminants into a solid, impermeable form, and stabilisation chemically changes the contaminants so they become less mobile and less toxic.

Environmental Soil Contamination


Contaminated site remediation.

High water table activities, permeability barriers.

Mine tailing contamination.

Soil recycling.

Ground leaching prevention, watercourse contamination.

Pond and watercourse de-sludging.

Industrial contamination clean up.

Contamination Remediation

For the most demanding geotechnical issues, Hiway Environmental offers fast, innovative solutions.

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Reduced costs of disposal.

Reduced projects costs and timeframes using specialist equipment that rapidly treats the contaminated area.

Contaminated waste can be reused rather than disposed.


Hiway Environmental delivers the latest technology to swiftly carry out site remediation work. Based on expert analysis of the site, we provide the most effective and efficient solution for customers. Solutions include the mobile Reterra soil recycler for the bioremediation of contaminated soils, deep soil mixing systems, or a GeoPod unit and mass stabilising technology. All technology is mobile and can be deployed to any location throughout New Zealand.

Design & Project Management Services

Drawing on the geotechnical expertise of our team of environmental designers and engineers, Hiway Environmental designs and constructs site specific solutions for even the most demanding sites. Hiway Environmental’s recent projects have included the removal of contaminated soil at the New Zealand Navy’s Whangaparoa weapons range, the treatment of contaminated sites at reclaimed land at Wynyard Quarter and the removal of 800m3 of contaminated sludge from the Auckland Domain ponds.