Sustainable Street Lighting

Dedicated to innovative technology and ways to improve the sustainable use of natural resources, Hiway Environmental introduces the first Eolgreen hybrid street lighting system in Australasia and the Pacific.

A breakthrough in self-sufficient energy technology, the Eolgreen hybrid streetlight is a combined wind and solar lighting system that ensures entirely autonomous operation.

In other energy producing street lighting systems, power generation often stops as the solar input is not sufficient to support continuous or ongoing operation during periods of cloudy or poor weather. By relying on wind to continue operation, the hybrid can generate power with wind strength at just 1.7 metres per second. Traditionally, most other wind generation systems require at least 3 to 4 metres per second. This low speed wind generation capability is the first of its type in the world.

Surplus energy created by the streetlight is stored for ongoing consumption of the light, or pushed back into the grid. The light has many possible uses and offers possibilities in remote locations where hard-wired power connection is impractical or expensive.

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Remote residential lighting.

Wetland footpaths and walking trails.

Car parking and isolated infrastructure.

Intersection illumination.

Parks and reserves.

Renewable energy.

Supporting 5-star green rated buildings.

Sustainable Street Lighting

Hiway Environmental delivers the most reliable, energy efficient street lighting technology available in the world.

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Autonomous lighting system with no energy costs to run.

The only type in the world that runs on low wind speed.

Low maintenance, self-cleaning turbine.

Saves on cost of ducting, cabling and connection to the network.

Surplus energy returned to the grid.

Lighting performance monitored and analysed remotely.


Hiway Environmental is passionate about and expert in the recycling of natural resources through innovation and technology. We do this to support sustainability and environmentally sound practices. Our passion has extended to the use of sustainable resources in power generation and the introduction of the Eolgreen hybrid streetlight. The only street lighting solution of its kind in Australasia, Hiway Environmental is proud to be at the forefront of this self-sufficient energy technology.

Design & Project Management Services

Hiway Environmental has installed Eolgreen hybrid street lighting at Mount Roskill in Auckland. As part of the installation, we consulted with Auckland Transport as well as engaging with the local community about this innovative technology.