Slope Reinforcement & Stabilisation

Reduce the costly delays caused by challenging remediation projects with Hiway Geotechnical’s Shotrods and Supernails systems. This leading-edge soil nail technology makes short work of sites with complex underlying geology or difficult access.

As the market leader in slope stabilisation, Hiway Geotechnical offers specialised equipment and technical expertise for a range of scenarios including landslide remediation, micro piling, rock fall protection, anchoring and erosion mitigation.

Geotechnical Slope


Slope stabilisation to form a reinforced soil block.

Micro piles to support shallow foundations.

Excavation support of temporary works.

Horizontal drains to facilitate reduction in groundwater.

Soil nailed retaining walls.

Drainage hole drilling.

Landslide remediation.

Slope stability and reinforcement.

Retaining walls.

Gabion support.

Foundation support.

Reconstruction of failed slope or embankment.

Erosion mitigation.

Racing and rock fall protection.

Facing protection.

Marine applications.

Buoyancy control and pipelines.

Slope Reinforcement

Complex and difficult sites are no match for Hiway’s Supernails and Shotrods soil nail technology.

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Shotrods and Supernails are fully mobile, offering a fast solution that is quickly mobilised anywhere in New Zealand.

Shotrods can be installed at a rate of 60 to 80 per day, with 100m2 of slope stabilised daily.

Shotrods save costs as no grouting is used and removes the time spent waiting for grout to strengthen.

Supernails are ideal for sites with limited access.

Shotrods Soil Nail Technology

Shotrods gets soil wall reinforcement done in a shot. Saving time and money, this efficient technology does away with the need for grouting or pre-drilling. No time is spent waiting for grout to strengthen. One blast of the Shotrod and the job is done. This is the fastest way to remediate slips and achieve an instant result for slope reinforcement.

Using high-pressure compressed air, steel or fibreglass rods up to 40mm in diameter and 6.5 metres long are fired into the ground. The ballistic firing of the rods creates a shockwave at the head of the nail resulting in instantaneous elastic expansion of the soil around the nail. As the nail comes to rest, the process is reversed and the soil relaxes onto the nail to create an instant bond between the nail and the surrounding soil.

Nails are typically installed in close array to form a reinforced soil block which prevents failures occurring within the surrounding block. In situations where additional width is required, Shotrods are combined with a GCS wall with either block or geogrid facing.

Hiway Geotechnical introduced Shotrods technology to New Zealand as a way of providing a fast and effective way to remediate slips and provide slope reinforcement. With a highly regarded reputation internationally, this technology has delivered exceptional performance to a range of geotechnical problems.

Shotrods Slope Reinforcement


Suitable for virtually any geological setting, Supernails is the fastest and most effective method of installing soil nails available in New Zealand. Saving time spent on site, and ideal for sites that are difficult to access, specialised drilling equipment allows for rapid installation.

Unlike other methods, Supernails are resistant to corrosion and deliver a permanent engineered solution. Customers prefer the low cost, fast option of using Supernails.

Got a hard to access site? Hiway Geotechnical provides rope crews to work on unstable rock and soil faces where access is only available by rope. Our highly skilled team are not afraid to tackle difficult sites and have recently completed the rock fall mesh protection work on Kohimarama Storage Tank in Auckland and Napier Hill following severe storm damage.

Geotechnical SuperNail
SuperNail Slope Reinforcement

GCS Walls

Providing better effectiveness than conventional MSE (mechanically stabilised earth) walls, GCS walls perform excellently under dynamic loading. GCS walls provide a fast, cost effective ground retention solution for virtually any geological setting.

Hiway Geotechnical provides a tailor-made solution for each project and offers a wide range of facing applications such as the eco style green wall with vegetation or a masonry block finish ideal for urban settings. Hiway Geotechnical has a proven track record of successful GCS wall projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Geotechnical GCSWall
GCS Wall on State Highway 1
Geotechnical Slope strip


Hiway Geotechnical assesses each engineering scenario with 3D modelling to accurately assess soil behaviour, lateral movement and settlement. Prediction of post-installation performance is achieved through in-house design and years of expertise. Our high level of experience and technical know-how allows us to carry out a full assessment of risks and provide robust and cost effective solutions.

Design & Project Management Services

As New Zealand’s recognised leader in slope reinforcement, Hiway Geotechnical has a proven track record of success in complete project management. As well as a full design and build service, Hiway Geotechnical also offers specialised subcontract services, technical advice and support, and detailed Geotechnical design services.