Basecourse Modification

Hiway Stabilizers’ quick-turnaround services rejuvenate aged pavement materials, leaving them as good as or better than a premium basecourse, at a fraction of the cost.

As well as costing much less than traditional pavement reconstruction and remediation methods, our solutions are proven to deliver lasting strength and durability in New Zealand conditions.

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ design and project management service gives clients access to world-leading methodologies, delivered by local experts. Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art fleet includes specialist foamed bitumen recycling equipment, as well as more conventional cement, lime and polymer stabilisation plant.

Stabilizers Basecourse


Remediation of failed pavements.

Strengthening of existing pavements.

Construction of new pavements.

Maintenance patching.

Area-wide pavement treatments.

Seal smoothing.

Basecourse Modification

Foamed Bitumen Recycling is a cost effective, proven way to rehabilitate and ensure long-term, dependable performance from aged pavements.

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More cost effective than traditional methodologies.

Considerably cheaper than deep lift asphalt.

Foam bitumen recycling produces a strong, durable and flexible pavement, with viscoelastic performance similar to asphalt.

Proven as an effective treatment for mitigation of pavement deterioration due to freezing and thawing.

Conserves diminishing aggregate resources. Significantly reduces or eliminates excavation volumes.

Quick turn-around process minimises inconvenience to the public.

Can be carried out in unfavourable weather conditions.

Can be trafficked almost immediately.

Reduced maintenance requirements and whole-of-life costs.

Significantly improved resistance to moisture and pumping of fines.

No risk of shrinkage cracking.

Basecourse stabilisation

Basecourse stabilisation improves the performance of pavements by modifying in-situ or imported materials with cement, specialist blends, polymers or foamed bitumen.

Hiway Stabilizers has pioneered the use of cement stabilisation of basecourse layers in New Zealand, consistently creating pavements with greater strength and performance, and a longer design life.

Our track record in developing specialist binders and polymers, enables cost effective stabilisation to be achieved regardless of varying aggregate properties, traffic loadings or intended pavement use.

In recent years the failure of some unstabilised, premium quality aggregates under heavy loads has led NZTA to recommend that NZTA M4 AP40 basecourse aggregate should also be stabilised.

Stabilizers Basecourse Stabilisation

Foamed Bitumen Recycling

Foamed Bitumen Recycling is a proven solution for the long-term rehabilitation of pavements that have reached the end of their useful life, or need strengthening to accommodate increased loading.

It is a highly cost effective alternative to traditional remediation methods, and is particularly useful in level-constrained settings where a significant overlay is not feasible.

Foamed Bitumen Recycling is quick to deliver and results in a strong and durable basecourse, with viscoelastic performance approaching that of asphalt. The process also eliminates the need for new aggregates and the end product can be trafficked almost immediately.

Its versatility and successful track record in a wide range of extreme conditions has led Foamed Bitumen Recycling to be used extensively in Australia, South Africa, North America, the Middle East and Europe.

In New Zealand, the exceptional performance of Foamed Bitumen Recycling technology in an NZTA trial at the CAPTIF Test Track facility in 2007 led to its inclusion in the NZ Supplement to Austroads. The technology is used extensively throughout New Zealand’s state highway and local authority networks.

Foamed Bitumen Recycling
Stabilizers Basecourse strip


Hiway Stabilizers has pioneered the use of Foamed Bitumen Recycling in New Zealand and has proven experience in successfully completing projects in high traffic and highly demanding conditions.

Projects we’ve delivered include Coronet Peak Road, Crown Range Road (New Zealand’s highest altitude sealed road) Russley Road in Christchurch, SH1 Ruakaka roundabout and approaches, SH1 motorway between Albany and Silverdale, Esmonde Road Takapuna and countless state highway and local authority road rehabilitations.

We have also led the development of Aggregate Modification technology in New Zealand, with specialist aggregate binders such as KOBM Binder™.

Design & Project Management Services

Hiway Stabilizers’ engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

Our track record covers a variety of pavement types, including heavy duty pavements for port and airport applications, high level structural and modified highway pavements, and optimisation of design life for pavements on low volume roads.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation, sampling and subgrade analysis, to bitumen ‘foamability’ testing and foamed bitumen mix design.

We also have significant experience in determining the optimum pavement and mix design technologies, and can monitor production quality assurance, conduct post-construction testing and undertake completion reporting.