Jet Grouting

Internationally recognised as a leading way to improve weak or permeable soil, jet grouting is an effective solution for a wide range of ground types and scenarios.

The jet grouting process involves disaggregating the soil or weak rock and mixing it with, as well as partially replacing it with, a cementing agent. The disaggregation is achieved by means of high pressure jets of fluid which can be the cementing agent itself.

Jet grouting uses lightweight, small sized drilling rigs and can be successfully performed in confined spaces, restricted sites and situations that require work to be carried out around obstructions. Jet grouting is a mobile system that does not disrupt construction works, saving time and cost.

Geotechnical Jet Grouting



Construction and remediation of infrastructure.

Building foundations.

Secant retaining walls.

Tunnelling support.

Bottom plugs.

Water cut-off barrier, such as below dam embankments.

Difficult or restricted operating conditions.

Jet Grouting

Hiway Geotechnical provides powerful jet technology for foundation improvement and structural support.

Backdrop Geotechnical JetGrouting


Low headroom and restricted access capability.

Successfully treats a wide range of soils.

Capability to overpass existing foundations and obstructions.

Capability to construct cemented soil columns up to 2 metres.


Hiway Geotechnical is recognised as an industry leader in the field of ground improvement technology. Committed to new technology, Hiway Geotechnical has looked beyond traditional methods such as deep slurry trenching or micro piling to embrace innovative jet grouting technology. Jet grouting delivers savings for customers on construction timeframes and materials.

Pioneering the use of ground improvement technology into New Zealand, Hiway Geotechnical is committed to providing solutions that save costs and are environmentally sound.

Design & Project Management Services

Hiway Geotechnical provides a complete solution for soil stabilisation, liquefaction remediation and large-scale structural support. Our full-service offering begins with an initial site appraisal and carries through to site investigation, project concept development, detailed design modelling, construction and finishing with full design certification.