Hiway Stabilizers is an industry leader in subgrade improvement solutions.

Our subgrade stabilisation and fill drying services enable the construction of pavements, buildings and infrastructure to be carried out faster and more cost effectively, even in adverse conditions.

They also offer the assurance that the subgrade will provide adequate performance, both during the construction period and in decades to come.

Stabilizers Subgrade Layer


Construction of new pavements.

Earthworks for residential subdivisions.

Earthworks for civil and infrastructure projects.

Earthworks for industrial and commercial developments.


Our subgrade improvement services enable faster and more cost effective construction of strengthened subgrades, even in adverse conditions.

Backdrop Stabilizers Subgrade


Significantly improved subgrade stability.

Subgrade strength gains of up to 20 times.

Cost savings due to reduced requirement for imported aggregates, fewer transport costs and faster construction time.

Reduces risk of costly subgrade pavement failures.

A robust, durable platform for aggregate construction.

Substantially reduces moisture susceptibility.

Creates a more uniform pavement layer.

Stabilised subgrade forms a soil particle and moisture barrier that protects overlying aggregate layers from upward migration of plastic fines.

Dries large volumes of water-logged soil instantly.

Can be undertaken in any weather conditions.

Reduces down time by enabling earthworks to continue immediately after wet weather.


Hiway Stabilizers is New Zealand’s most experienced subgrade stabilisation contractor.

Our solutions improve subgrade performance, while at the same time enabling faster construction and significant aggregate savings.

Stabilising a subgrade with lime and/or cement can cut aggregate requirements by more than 50% and reduce the amount of excavation needed during construction. It also provides a moisture-insensitive robust anvil for faster construction of overlying aggregate layers. This creates significant time and cost savings, and ensures a pavement with superior strength and durability.

Our track record covers a wide range of applications, from local authority roads to major infrastructure projects such as the Te Uku Wind Farm, which involved 40 kilometres of subgrade stabilisation and saved our client a full earthworks season and an estimated $1.2million in costs.

Stabilizers Subgrade Stabilisation


Hiway Stabilizers pioneered the use of fill drying in New Zealand.

A highly effective way to combat wet soil, fill drying involves the chemical drying of existing ground, converting unusable, wet soil into a usable and controlled engineered fill. This allows earthworks to continue in adverse conditions and allows water-logged soils to be used instantly.

The process also increases the strength of the subgrade substantially, reducing the requirements for cut to waste, enabling greater re-use of the existing on-site materials and reducing the need for imported aggregate.

Fill drying is particularly well suited to sites where tight construction programmes, winter earthworks programmes or limited drying areas are an issue. Our specialist plant means the process can be carried out in any weather, with a high output maintained.

Fill drying has significant benefits for subdivision land developers, where the completion of earthworks is critical to section sales. It is also well suited to infrastructure projects, where earthworks completion is critical to the civil works construction programme.

Fill Drying
Stabilizers Subgrade strip


Our commitment to leading-edge technology means we are equipped to tackle the most demanding of sites, achieving almost instantaneous results and maintaining high production outputs.

Our specialist fill drying plant includes low ground pressure Komatsu CS360 tracked stabilising machines, Mitsubishi LD1000 tracked spreader trucks, six wheel drive spreader trucks and Komatsu BZ200 soil recyclers. We also have a fleet of conventional stabilising hoes and spreaders which can be used where conditions allow.


Hiway Stabilizers offers a range of design and project management consultancy services for subgrade improvement.

As well as laboratory testing, our team can offer expert advice, based on our extensive experience with all New Zealand soil types, to confirm the natural versus post-treatment strength of subgrade material.

We also offer a design service that determines the percentage requirement of conditioning agents relative to performance requirements, and can monitor and control spread rates and record depth conditioning.